FALL 2006

140 Victorious Valley Drive
Sunset, South Carolina  29685



Fall 2006 and Busier Than Ever!

This year has been a trying one here at Victorious Valley, but in every situation we see the marvelous hand of God.  We can’t praise the Lord enough for how wonderful He is.

We beg that you continue to pray for us as we seek His perfect will in all that is done here at the ministry.

We have had a lot of new kids to come in.  All seem to be doing very well.  The Lord has blessed us with excellent help!!  We are expecting three new babies among the help—Mrs. Cindy is expecting a boy in January, Jennifer is expecting a girl in December, and Lauren (our youngest daughter) is expecting a boy in November.  Please pray for each of them to have a safe delivery.

Vision of a Children’s Home Built

We’ve prayed and asked the Lord about this issue.  The greatest need right now is to build a children’s home.  The children need a home of their own.  There are eight young girls from the ages of four to eleven.  They are using the basement of the girls’ home.  There is no bathroom down there at all.  These little ones need their own home.  We will be putting together a picture postcard and sending it out in the near future.  If we could get our supporting churches and individual supporting families

to pray together about this,  we could possibly see the $250,000 we need to build it and furnish it.  We also have some on the mailing list that do not support the ministry but may feel led to help build the children’s home.  This would be so wonderful for these little ones. 

We are so thrilled to see thirteen children here at the home.  Besides the eight younger girls, two more are here with their moms and three are the younger boys who live

with Jason and Nikki.  We are getting another little boy in soon, which will give them a total of four.

We’d love to see this home with a fenced in play area.  We have the spot picked out for this home (pictured below, right).

We ask that you please pray and consider this as a Christmas gift to Victorious Valley this year.  Thank you so much.



Children’s Home Testimony

Hello, my friends.  I am Christopher G. Trivette, and I am twelve years old.  I was born in Latvia.  When I was about three months old, I was in a very bad car wreck!  My injuries were so bad that you could see my brain!!

When I was five months old, they put me in an orphanage.  I spent three years and seven months in there.  I was lonely, scared, and sad.

But over in America there was something happening in a family’s heart!  It so happened that my grandpa got shot and killed in a hunting accident.  In 1996, my future adoptive mom went to Latvia with a group of missionaries.  She went with the group because they were going to hand out Bibles in memory of her father (my grandpa who had been shot).  While they were there, they visited a couple of orphanages.  On the plane back to Georgia, my mom got a very heavy burden to adopt Latvian children.  They prayed for seventeen months.  Then in February of 1998 they went back to pick up two Latvian children.  I was so EXCITED to leave a crib!  By this time, I was four years old.

After a few years went by, I started having trouble in school, so they took me out of public school and started home-schooling me.  That did not go very well, so they put me in the home here at Victorious Valley.  On June 20, 2006, I got saved by His enlarging, everlasting GRACE!  When I get older, I want to be a street preacher and evangelist by God’s wonderful grace!

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