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FALL 2007





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  Praise the Lord for His Great Blessings

It is always busy here at Victorious Valley and hardly ever a dull moment!  But that is okay—we love it!!  We are so wonderfully blessed to be a part of this work of the Lord.  The Lord continues to do exceeding abundant above all we can ask or think around here!  We praise Him for the meetings we have recently been in!  Last Sunday in the near beginning of the message a young man in his 20’s came down and got saved.  Later during the invitation two more came to the altar and were saved.  Glory!  Praise the Lord!!  How marvelous!  How wonderful! 

How do you begin to tell the great things He has done?  There is no greater life than serving Jesus!  And how blessed we are to have a front row seat in seeing one of our girls’ mom get saved.  She was bathed in much prayer by many here at Victorious Valley, especially her daughter.

Please keep praying for us concerning the building of our new church.  Our vision is “Build by the End of 2010!”  God has given us peace and we believe He wants us to build “Him an House.”  This will be a great miracle when 50 of the 115 members tithe $3.50 a month.  It is exciting

for us to watch God do such a great thing.

We are still trusting God for the one million dollars.  He gave the verse Proverbs 8:21 as the promise verse!  Please pray with us!  What a great day it will be when we see Him answer this request.

The holidays are soon to be upon us!  We try hard to keep the kids busy.  Many of you ask what you can do to be a help and blessing to the homes during the holidays.  Here are a few ideas:

1.  We have had some        churches do a pounding for the home.  Our main needs are always

         a.  Paper products
         b.  Canned foods                    (gallon size)
         c.   Dry beans
         d.  Dry milk
         e.  Canned mil
         f.   Cereals
         g.  Family size cans of all
             soups (we cook with
             cream of chicken and
             cream of mushroom)

2.  Cash money to take them out to eat or to Gatlinburg for the evening or to see Christmas lights in a couple of areas.

3. Baked goodies or fruit—enough for approximately 80.

The kids have plenty of personal items.

We will finish a game room for them prayerfully by Christmas.  If you would like to help furnish it, that would be a great blessing.

Thank you for your faithful support!  We thank the Lord for our supporters quite often!  We love and appreciate your prayers also!  The Lord has used you to help keep the bills paid and the kids fed.  Thank you for giving to the Lord. 

We will be in the studio this month working on a new CD.  All the songs are about the Cross.  We hope to have it ready by the holidays.  We are also redoing the very first project the girls ever did.  The tape is called “Thank You.”  We also hope to have it ready by the holidays.

Again, thank you for your prayers and financial support to Victorious Valley.  You can get on our website to order the CD’s.

The McGills

The McGill Family


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