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Shannon testimonial

I came to what was then; the McGill's Girls Home in November of 1995. Looking back it is so easy to see even more so today how God used them to spare my life. I was caught up in everything this world had to offer. Trying desperately to fill something I was lacking, trying to find who I was...what I was. At 16 years old I had been hospitalized more than once for suicide and drugs. I was in trouble with the law, messing around with the occult, gangs, home invasions etc. I am almost certain I did not care if I saw another day. Writing this again, now 35 years old married with 5 children of my own I can only cry and thank God that He placed the Home in my life. I would not be here today; my kids would not be here and my purpose would have been lost in the streets. God saved me; He gave me a second family with the McGill's and all of my many many sisters near and far. He gave me a chance to live my life, to help others. I now get to work inside our jails and in my community reaching out to other Women, offering them HOPE and life away from the streets. I thank God every single day for the Victorious Valley Homes, for my amazing Southern Family...my back home roots that I didn't experience until the age of 16. I thank God for all the children they have helped, will help. I wish I could write a million words that would somehow express what the Home did for me; but I cannot. Words will NEVER express how thankful I am to have been blessed with amazing people who live to help hurting kids all over America. Everytime I look into my children's eyes I have to thank God for all He has done; and for picking me up SO long ago and giving me the Girl's Home...for giving my children and I a future that we never would have had if I would have continued down the road I was on. There is HOPE.