Dear Fellow Laborers in Christ,

     We always like to start off by thanking each one of you for your continued prayers and support.  We could not do what we do without you!  We hope you all have had a wonderful summer.  Time is just flying by.  It seems that the longer I live the faster it seems to go, especially when you're busy.
     The home is doing good.  We had 5 girls finish their program over the summer.  Two of them have returned home and we have gotten some encouraging reports from them.  The other 3 have stayed on to finish school.  We also have 2 new girls and they are settling in well.  We have received several phone calls about new placements.  Please continue to pray for each girl that is here.  Also, help us pray that the Lord will bring in each girl that He wants to be here.
     We have been traveling a good bit this spring and summer.  We have received several new supporting churches for which we are also grateful!  We want to thank each church that has had us in and given us such wonderful love offerings.  The girls have received gifts and we've had many great meals.  And we thank you all!
     We had our first mission trip/teen camp this summer.  The Landmark Baptist Church youth group came and spent a week helping around the property, and a group of men from the church came and built a new zip line.  We held services in the evenings and devotions in the mornings.  It was such a blessing to see all the young people wanting to be a blessing.  We also had 2 people saved, one of which, was our daughter, Selah.  What a joy!! To us, that's what it's all about!  We are hoping to do many more teen camps next year and have already had several churches show interest.  if that is something you may be interested in please give us a call.  We are also hoping to do some weekend retreats.
     Again, we thank you so much for all that you do for our ministry, and most of all, the prayers.  We also have new prayer cards available.  If any of our churches need new ones, please let us know.

Love In Christ,
The Casey's
Jason, Nikki, Roby, Coleman and Selah