Victorious Valley Homes

This spring has been the most beautiful here in the valley that I ever remember.  It never got too hot.  In April our middle daughter Lacey got married to Ben Moses, a young man in our church.  It was a beautiful outside wedding here on the property.  We praise the Lord for this union.  They are having a wonderful time serving the Lord together here at the homes.  Ben is now over the boys’ home and we praise the Lord for their love to these guys. 

We had a very sad death to deal with.  The mother of two of the children in the home was murdered.  To have to tell the girls this news was one of the hardest things we’ve done.  We went to the funeral with the girls, and they sang with Susan.  Also Susan had the honour of leading one of the mother’s friends to the Lord.  We heard that this lady is still excited and serving God!  GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!  The girls seem to be handling everything okay.  Please pray for Alyssa and Hunter (ages 12 and 8). 

The nation of America has become so sin sick and, being an American mission work, our hearts are very heavy for this country.  Our society is so spoiled that it is hard to sell out to follow Him.  Not many want to pay the price to have the presence of God upon their lives.  “The brethren” seem to have become the enemy in many cases.  We need revival in America.  We need it in our personal lives!  The hunger and thirst after true holiness and

righteousness has become a thing of the past.  We should always be praying, “Oh, God, help America.  Oh, God, help the church.”  II Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people.”  This is the most selfish society and now we are accepting young people who can’t get past self to sell out to serve God.  But are we adults not battling the same things?!


Ben and Lacey Moses

It is so easy to allow everything to get ahead of our walk with the Lord.  I believe we need to pray one for another more now than ever before and if we’ve ever needed your prayers, it is now!  Oh, the battle is strong, but our God gives strength.  Please pray for the Lord to give us strength and wisdom to do what God would have us to do here at Victorious Valley. 

We would like to thank the ones who have chosen the homes as their mission projects for VBS.  What a blessing!  This has truly been a great help.  God has always supplied every need!  We want to let all our supporters know how very blessed we are to have you as a part of this work!  Thank you so much for helping us reach the youth of America.  Only through God’s strength and your help can we continue here at Victorious Valley.  We pray God blesses you in abundance.


                                       His unworthy servants,
                                       The McGills



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