Winter 2007

Victorious Valley Homes
140 Victorious Valley Drive
Sunset, South Carolina  29685


Happy New Year 2007

We are in our 16th year of the ministry here at Victorious Valley.  God has truly done exceeding abundantly above all we could have asked or thought.  He is so good!  We are finishing an addition to the gym.  We needed a game room for the home.  There wasn’t any room in the gym for their game tables and playing volley ball too.  Now we can let the boys use one room while the girls use the other.  They are excited about it.  We had hoped to have it done for Christmas, but we just ran out of time.

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who sent a special Christmas offering to the home!  It was such a blessing to the ministry.  Thank you,  a thousand times thank you!  We asked the Lord to bless each of you that sent a special offering!  God always blesses us, and He does it through all of you.  We are so blessed to

have the support we do.  It keeps the doors open to hurting youth across this country.  We are so thankful to be a part of the work here at Victorious Valley. 

This past fall Pastor Tony Finney and his wife, along with our children, gave us a 15 year anniversary service.  It is hard to believe the home is 15 years old.  We were so surprised and humbled.  Many churches sent special offerings just for us to go on a get-away.  We are planning to go to Alaska this summer.  This is a dream come true.  We want to thank all who sent a gift to us through Bro. Tony Finney.  He is truly one of the greatest friends this ministry has. 

2006 was very memorable.  We had a lot of valleys, but God was there through each one, leading and guiding.  He is so good

We traveled many miles and hours.

We were blessed to meet new people and to be in new churches.  We even found ourselves in California—WOW! And Boston!  It was wonderful, and we had new supporters that took on the work here at Victorious Valley.  We thank God for that.  It is still a need to raise more support.  We are still praying for the one million dollars.  God is able!  The children’s home is still a vision.  We would love to see them in their own home with a couple to make an atmosphere more like a home setting for them. But we know it is all in God’s time.  Please pray with us!

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