Victorious Valley Homes

Winter 2009

Happy New Year!



How do we even begin to express our heart of thankfulness to all who support this work with your money and prayers?  I am feeling overwhelmed for all the great blessings God has poured out upon us!  Satan worked overtime to discourage and depress us but, praise the Lord, God has given the victory!  Circumstances havenít changed but our attitude has!  The Lord revealed to us we had lost our heart of thankfulness.  In everything give thanks!  God has a far greater plan for us than we can see.

We have gone through trials the last two years that I never believed we would ever go through, but God has allowed it to touch our lives.  Luke 18 says we are to pray and not to faint.  I looked up the word faint in the 1828 dictionary and it means depressed.  WOW!  God said, ďI want to answer your prayers so worship meóBelieve and I will do exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or think.  An attitude of gratitude was lost in the trials.  Oh, how we have begged for Godís forgiveness.  He has been so good to us, better than we deserve. 

Thank You for Giving to the Lord!

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