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The Wolford Family Testimony

Words seemed to have left me as we sat down to write our testimony…  All I could think was how humbled I feel whenever I think of the gift you gave our family.  How does a family thank you for picking up the broken pieces of our life?  How do we say thank you for changing the path for our 14 year old daughter?   We are not blameless for our daughter’s fate.  Mike and I started going to church in 2010; by that time our little girl (Emily) was 11 years old, she was in public school and already scarred.  God knows the guilt and shame we were carrying for not teaching her the way God has asked parents to do.  After getting into church we continued to struggle.  As she was constantly questioning our authority we too were questioning ourselves.  We felt guilty and overnight it seemed we jumped into church with both feet.  We had removed her from public school, took her away from all her friends, and expected her to thrive in this new “good” environment.  Well it was the right thing to do but life doesn’t work that way.  Although, I knew being in church was right I had resistance from her on everything.  Mom and Dad had changed, and we weren’t much fun either.  Many times in her own words:  “what happen to you & Dad; y’all used to be so much fun.”  Fun, was party’s that included drinking with friends & family.  This was fun to her because she heard the word yes much more than no.  Alcoholic parents do not make good choices for their daughter.  Our daughter did not obey us, our home was a battlefield, lines were being crossed on both sides and we were falling apart.  When parents realize they can no longer help their children and must put them in a home they feel helpless, defeated, broken, and lost.  By the time we reached that point we felt powerless and scared.  We were tired, we had cried many tears, and we knew there was nothing more we could do.   After much prayer we spoke to our Pastor.  He showed us three or four homes that he recommended and Victorious Valley was one of them.  We went home and began our journey of searching for the “right” place for our daughter.  We included her but she did not make the decision.  Most of them were closer to us but for some reason we kept looking at Victorious Valley Homes.  I (Angela) her mom read every word over and over again on your website.  I searched every picture for any sign that would tell this was not the place but there was none to find. We truly feel like God lead us to Victorious Valley.  They showed compassion and understanding for our situation.  They have shown love and understanding for Emily and I know at times it has been hard.  We want to thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown to our family.  Thank you to everyone at Victorious Valley Homes for your patience, tolerance and faithfulness to be a good servant.  These children are in need, we parents are in need and you were there for us.  I know God is blessing your mission and we are thankful for each one that had a part in caring for Emily.  She is now 16 years old and we will continue to need prayers raising her and we will continue to pray for your mission. 


God Bless & Much Love


The Wolford Family