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I Was 14

I Was A Fourteen Year Old Girl
Roaming The Streets Of A Cold Dark World.
I Was Broken And Scared
Wondering If There Was Anyone Who Cared.
I Was Living With My Dad In A Busted Up Home,
But Most Of The Time I Was On My Own.
I Would Lay In Bed At Night
Full Of Fear And Full Of Fright,
Not Knowing Who Was Planning On Taking My Life.
My Dad And I Never Seemed To Get Along
And I Always Felt As If I Were In The Wrong.
I Was Trying To Fit In And Hoping That My Pain Would Somehow End.
I Was Turning To People That I Thought Were My Friends.
I Was Drinking And Living For Highs
And Searching For Love In All Of The Guys.
I Was Running With The Gangs, Busting Up Cars And Skipping School,
Trying Anything Just To Look Cool.
I Was Not Wanting To Live, Just Wanting To Hide,
So Close To Committing Suicide.
All Of My Dreams Began To Fail
And I Found Myself Locked Up In Jail.
I Had An Upcoming Court Date That My Future Would Tell,
As I Was Lying On My Bed Inside My Cell,
Feeling So Empty And With All Hope Gone,
A Preacher Dropped By That Ran A Girl’s Home.
He Had Something Real, Something I Had Never Known
And With His Eyes Full Of Tears He Asked Me If I’d Like To Got ToHis Home.
So, The Next Day To My Trial He Came,
But The Sent Me Away T D.J.J..
My Dad Had Told Me To The Home I Could Not Go,
So I Was Very Surprised That When I Went Back To Court The Preacher Had Showed.
The Judge Walked In And With Just One Glance,
He Decided To Give Me A Second Chance.
Two Days Later Into The Home I Came,
Feeling That My Life Had Been In Vain.
Preacher And Mrs. Susan Were Like The Family That I Never Had,
And Were Always There For Me, No Matter If I Was Good Or Bad.
Love Like This Had I Never Known,
Such As The Love Toward Me That This Family Had Shown.
They Told Me Jesus Was The Christ Of The Cross
And How He Died For Sinners That Were Wretched And Lost.
I Made Professions And Said I Was Saved,
But Deep Down Inside I Had Never Really Changed.
I Was Living In Secret Sin, Still Trying To Fit In,
And Many Friends I Was Trying To Win.
For Eleven Months This Game I Did Play,
But Something Happened On A Monday.
I Was Sitting In My Pew So Afraid And Miserable, Not Really Knowing What To Do,
When I Heard A Still Voice Saying, “I Love You And Died For You”
For The First Time I Realized That I Was Lost, And I Just Couldn’t Get It Out Of My Mind,
How That Jesus Bore The Cross That Should Have Been Mine.
I Went To The Altar And Prayed With All Of My Heart
And Now Of Jesus Family I Am A Part.
He Has Changed My Life And Given Me A New Start
And Has Placed Peace And Happiness In My Heart.
What I Once Was I Will Never Again Be,
Because Jesus Cared Enough To Save A Sinner Like Me.

Rachel Vanadore

©-Copywrite 2000