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My Life As A Christian

O what a Savior, O how could it be,

O my sweet Jesus, my sin now I see,

With thanks for Your mercy, compassion, and grace,

In saving my soul so that Iíll see Your face.


Thanks be to my God Who gave me this great Gift,

Who took all my sin and the blame He did shift,

From me who deserved the hell fire below,

To Christ Jesus whose love for me He did show,

On the old rugged cross up Calvaryís road,

High up that dark hill He did die with my load,

Strapped tight to His back as though they were His own.

His meekness and love to lost men He has shown.

I thank God in Heaven for thinking of me,

When making a way to set wretched souls free.


O what compassion, O what a delight,

To finally know that now I have my sight,

To see all the dangers that lay up ahead,

To avoid all the sin snares that now I do dread.


He gives me the courage to stand up in the gap,

To warn those who are spiritually taking a nap,

To wake up and see the fierce battle ensuing,

And Satanís fierce snares and dark plans he has brewing.


While I travel here in this cold dreary land,

Thoughts of thanksgiving give me strength to stand,

Through all of the trials, the troubles, and pains,

With glorious Light the dark shadow He banes,

And when it seems Iím in a bottomless hole,

Thatís when I feel peace way down deep in my soul.


While on the mountain high soaring above,

Assured of Godís goodness, His mercies, and love,

Iíll sing songs of thanksgiving and verses of praise,

ĎTill deep in His worship my hands I shall raise.


And while in the valley so deep and so low,

Improvements of character I know Heíll show,

Through all of His mercies and all of His grace,

I know that by faith I shall soon see His face,

So while in this valley Iíll trust in His love,

In hopes of attaining a crown up above.


To shine for my Jesus this task I now take,

Compelling menís souls for salvation to make,

Some sanctified vessels, some sweet-smelling savors,

Their hearts being pure to attain His great favor.


Rewards for this service are more than enough,

Including a mansion and lots of big stuff,

Better still are the blessings He gives me each day,

Not wealth and great riches, nor fortune and fame,

But joy of salvation and peace as He came,

And family and virtue and friends just the same,

They give me encouragement just to press on,

And they give me strength to stand strong Ďtill the dawn,

But really itís not these that do this great deed,

But rather the Savior Who planted the seed,

That grew in my heart and gave off its good fruit,

So others may see me and then follow suit,

O thanks be to God my good Father above,

Who gives infinite mercy, and goodness, and love.


And when in that mansion Iíll have very soon,

With flights of staircases and with lots of room,

With covers of tapestry and great big doors,

Great windows of crystal and grand golden floors,

Iíll live with my Jesus; Heíll come by my way,

Perhaps for a while with me He might stay,

And give me some quality time just to talk,

About my past life and my old Christian walk,

Or maybe the time to just worship and praise,

The One Who created and keeps all my days,

Who gave me the chance to live Ďevermore,

In my big mansion just by the seashore.


Written by: William Moody