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Something New

I Was 16 Hopeless And Wandering The Streets
With No Friends Only Strangers To Meet
Trapped In A World Of Hate And Fame
Trying To Break Free Trying To Gain
The Love For Which I Long Had Sought
Willing To Die, Willing To Be Bought
Willing To Do Anything To Fill The Void
I Was Willing To Spend A Sleepless Night
Among Strangers Full Of Fright
Covering The Hurt, Ignoring The Shame
By Doing Drugs, And Searching For Fame
Filling My Veins With The Devils Brew
I Was Searching For Something, Trying Anything New
‘Till After Awhile The Game Got Old
I Was Sick Of Wondering In The Cold
So I Picked Up The Phone And I Got A Call Through
I Said I Wanted To Change, But I Really Wanted To Try Something New
I Hopped On An Airplane And Played The Same Game
I Arrived Back In Texas Thinking Nothing Had Changed
The Ones I Once Strived To Impress Were No Longer There
I Could Not Find Anyone Who Cared
I Found Someone I Thought I Knew, But Then His True Identity Shone Through
He Spoke The Words “I Love You”
But Something Happened And Then I Knew
I Really Was All-Alone. No Place To Go, No Place To Call Home
And Then I Found Myself In Jail, Very Hurt And Very Scared
A Week Later On An Airplane I Flew, To Try My Mom’s Idea Of Something New
I Walked Into A Happy Home, No More To Wander, No More To Roam
They Told Me Of A Man Named Christ, And How He Was The Perfect Sacrifice
They Told Of How He Died For Me, To Loose My Bondage To Set Me Free
I Asked Him To Come In, And To Change My Life
He Took All My Bitterness And My Strife
He Changed My Desires And My Heart
And Now In My Family——I Am A Part
He’s Placed Real Love Inside Of Me
He’ll Do It For You Oh Can’t You See
Just Ask Him To And He’ll Come In
And Free You From Your Life Of Sin

Melissa Clifton/Callman

©-Copywrite 2000