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The Miracle

The Streets Were Dark The Tears Were Flowing
The Lights Were Out, And The Bitterness Growing
I Was Being Used; My Heart Was Cold As Stone
But I Knew From The Start I Could Never Make It All Alone
There Was Such Emptiness, Way Down Deep Inside
I Was Always Running, Looking For A Place To Hide
Then That Night Finally Came
I Was Sitting Alone In The Dark
Sin Had Swallowed Me Up, Spit Me Out
And Tore My Heart Apart.
"What Do We Do?" They Said
She Just Needs Something Real
To Find Someone Who Cares
And True Love She Needs To Feel.
So Into A Home One Day I Came
They Made Me A Part Of Their Family
And They Weren’t Looking For Popularity, Wealth Or Fame
They Showed Me Love And Shared Their Home
But For Some Reason, Deep Inside, I Was Still All-Alone
On November 12 I Was So Broken Hearted,
But Brother Bill Pickle Was Preaching, And A Miracle Started
He Told Me Of A Man, Who Died Just For Me
He Had Already Paid For My Sin, On The Old Rugged Cross Of Calvary
Gods Love Saw Me, When I Was Wandering On The Streets
Trying To Ease The Pain Inside, Trying To Make My Wounded Heart Complete
I Knew I Was Lost, I Repented Of My Sins,
I Asked Him To Save Me, And I’ll Never Be The Same Again.
Never Could I Pay A Debt So High, So Jesus Paid The Debt
And Saved My Life.
Now Searching No More At Last,
Jesus Washed Away My Sins,
And Took Away My Past
He’s Filled Me With Joy And Peace,
And For You He Will Do The Same
Only If You Know You Are Lost, You Repent Of Your Sins,
And Call Upon Jesus Name.

Joyce Wilson

©-Copywrite 2000