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Where Would I Be

I Hear The Music Calling My Name
But They Donít Know That Iím Not The Same
I See The Bright Lights Flashing At Me
I See My Old Friends Looking For Me
But Iím Not The Girl I Used To Be

No More Do I Run Around With All The Guys
No More Am I Living For The Drug Highs
I Gave Up My Old Lifestyle Of Crime
Iím No More Chancing Spending Jail Time
No More Always Living On The Run
Things Have Changed Since My New Life Has Begun

But Where Would I Be If I Was Still Back There?
Carrying A Baby With A Daddy That Donít Care
My Cold Wasted Body Dead In The Gutter From A Drug O.D.
Or Locked Up In Prisonó-Where Would I Be?

Living On The Streets With No Place To Call My Own
Or Selling My Body On The Corner Scared And All Alone
Would I Be In A Cold Grave From Committing Suicide?
Or Running From The Cops With No Place To Hide
Would I Be Dying From Aids In A Hospital Bed?
Or Would I Be Burning Forever In Hell Instead?

Any Of These Places I Know I Would Be
But God Pulled Me Out And Had Mercy On Me
Jesus Saved My Soul When I Called On His Name
Only Because Of Christ Am I Not The Same

Jesus Did Even More On The Inside Of Me
Love And Joy Took The Place Of Hate And Cruelty
My Eyes Shine With Life Where Once They Were Dead
Since Jesus Hung On The Cross And For Me His Heart Bled

I May Still Have Scars But The Pain He Took Away
No More Running In The Dark Looking For Love To Light My Way
By Godís Grace Iíll Never Go Back To Where I Used To Be
Jesus Changed My Life And That Girl I Was,
Youíll Never Again See

Joice Edwards-April 1998

©-Copywrite 2000